We are the second company in the UK to be able to offer Carbon 3D tool-less moulded parts torival the strength of thermoplastics

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Friday 15th March 2019

We are proud to become the second company in the UK to be able to offer Carbon 3D tool-less moulded parts to rival the strength of thermoplastics. This revolutionary build process using CLIP technology will bring you parts which can be built in a range of materials by your trusted team here at Complete Fabrication.

What does this mean, how will this process benefit you and your design team?

Parts in your hands in less than 5 days which are truly like injection moulded parts at a lower cost point than a moulding process.

Delivering printed parts which have no inherent line of weakness unlike traditional layer based technology, giving you predictable mechanical properties in all directions.

Parts can be printed that could never be moulded thus reducing
the part count in assemblies.

From Prototype to Production. Cost effective parts from a single part to thousands without any tooling or set up cost allowing continued development of design iteration throughout the life of the product.

Medical Grade material, biocompatible, sterilisable material in white. (USP-VI and ISO 10993-5 and -10)

Silicone materials which have TPE characteristics and biocompatibility. Now printed parts with fantastic strength and impressive return values!

Materials with a heat deflection range of 104°C - 231°C.

All parts will be manufactured by our in-house print team, who have been fully trained by Carbon 3D over the last six months to add this new offering to their already respected print output.

This is just a small list of key features which the Carbon System allows us to offer.

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