Over the past twenty years we have assembled a team of skilled engineers and developed a state of the art workshop enabling us to deliver whatever kind of model or prototype you need, however apparently inconceivable.

We blend traditional model making skills with some of the latest technology enabling us to push the boundaries of prototyping to new levels, collaborating with our clients to deliver inspiring engineering solutions. We love to be challenged and enjoy nothing more than pushing the boundaries of prototype development through research and design development. As you’d expect, most of our projects are unique and we work with you to develop the very best engineering solution, however below are the main manufacturing services we offer.

Rest assured, if we don’t have what is needed for your project, we’ll bring in one of our trusted associates who can provide additional manufacturing processes such as plasma treating of low energy surface plastics, digital printing, photo etching and more.

  • Carbon 3D printing UK

    Carbon 3D

    Carbon helps our clients reinvent their products from design to production without any tooling or set-up cost.

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  • Design development Cambridge

    Design Development

    Product Development is the process of turning an idea into a working product, ready for manufacture. Complete Fabrication has an expert team who can do this with you and your concept.

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  • Small batch production

    Small scale production

    We manufacture various products in low volume batches, mostly scientific or medical instrument housings or components where product volumes are in the low hundreds

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  • Touchscreen controller for video conferencing

    Rapid Prototyping

    Rapid prototyping is the process of quickly fabricating a physical concept model or prototype of a part or product using CAD (computer aided design) data.

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  • 3D printing

    3D printing

    We have a choice of 3D printing options in-house, depending on the accuracy and surface finish required.

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  • Model for Enigma diagnostics

    Model Making

    Our skilled modelmaking team combine cutting-edge digital technology with traditional model making skills to produce the best possible results.

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  • CNC machining

    CNC machining

    CNC machining is used to produce components to high tolerances which may be used to test form, fit and function. The result is accurate, consistant and high quality, the process can be used to create complex concept models or components.

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  • Vacuum casting

    Vacuum casting

    Vacuum casting is typically used to produce small batches of highly accurate prototype parts. Our experience with casting resins and advanced polymers allows us to create working prototypes, which can mimic almost any industrial method of production.

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  • High quality surface finish on all materials

    Painting and finishing

    All our model makers are expert paint finishers too, this gives us the highest level of flexibility in production and total control of quality from each model maker

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  • product consultancy

    Product Consultancy

    We can supply a senior member of staff to work with you on your project and attend a weekly or monthly meeting to progress a prototyping or production schedule

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