Model making

Model Making

Our skilled model-making team combine cutting-edge digital technology with traditional model making skills to produce the best possible results. Our team have access to excellent model making facilities, from vacuum casting to 3D printing. We create small production standard technical components, working prototypes and finished, full-size display models.

When automated prototyping technologies or processes alone won’t do the job, or where the nature of the model requires the use of several different components produced by different means, model making is usually the answer. We work closely with product designers and industrial designers turn technical drawings into physical objects using a range of traditional and modern model-making techniques. We offer advice and ideas on all forms of model making using processes including 3D Printing and CNC machining. The model being produced may also involve an element of hand-finishing such as smoothing, painting or spraying.

Models need not be one-offs. In some cases we have been able to provide short-run manufacturing services of fully-functional production models, either because only a small number is required, or if several products are needed for testing.

As medical and electronic devices get ever smaller with more intricate and complex assemblies, the skills of our model makers become an ever more vital element in the production of working prototypes.


We like our customers to meet the model making team who will be looking after their project. This gives you the customer confidence that the small nuances on the design are getting straight to the project team, we want no details, however small, getting lost. We are all about the detail! Like how tight a fit should be to gain the correct feel or how much clip resistance may be needed. Whether the information is passed to us in person, via email or telephone, our experienced team on hand and the systems are in place to ensure we capture your exact requirements.

At Complete Fabrication we build world-class prototypes for world-class design consultancies and, most importantly, build long lasting relationships based on trust and the confidence that we will make it work on time and to budget.

Whether it is a space model for ergonomic tests, a fully finished visual block model, or a fully realistic functioning prototype, we will make it work.

Our company has organically grown and we have enhanced the personal service we give, based on impressing our customers’ clients buy achieving their wish list. This is only possible because we have a team of multi-skilled model makers who want to impress and get the job 100% correct.

We have the automated processes, we couldn’t survive as a company without them, but we offer so much more. Combining multiple processes, tapping into our network of approved suppliers and our own developed techniques when needed to deliver the full job; nothing is too complicated for us.

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