Carbon 3D printing UK

Carbon 3D

The process of taking prototype assemblies to volume manufacture without any tooling!

Carbon helps our clients reinvent their products from design to production without any tooling or set-up cost. Whether you’re a startup or an industry leader, Carbon gives you the resources you need to build from one to one thousand parts or assemblies with total design flexibility within the manufacture process.

Despite industry advances, traditional approaches to additive manufacturing force trade-offs between surface finish and mechanical properties. In contrast, Digital Light Synthesis™ technology, enabled by Carbon’s proprietary CLIP™ process, is a breakthrough technology that uses digital light projection, oxygen permeable optics, and programmable liquid resins to produce parts with excellent mechanical properties, resolution and surface finish.

Traditional 3D printed parts have inconsistency in their mechanical properties dependant on the direction the parts were printed due to the layer-by-layer approach. Parts printed with Digital Light Synthesis™ are much more like injection-moulded parts. Digital Light Synthesis™ produces consistent and predictable mechanical properties. This is achieved via Carbon's unique embedded heat-activated programmable chemistry in its materials. This chemistry results in high-resolution parts with engineering-grade mechanical properties.

At Complete Fabrication are early adopters of this ground breaking technology, being the second company to partner with Carbon in the UK. We have undergone a high level of training and are able to offer information and advice on how this technology may help you, your team and the projects you are looking to undertake. So please pick up the phone to arrange a meeting or drop us an email.

Some of Carbon’s further key features:

  • Parts in your hands in less than 5 days which are truly like injection moulded parts at a lower cost point than a moulding process.
  • Parts can be printed that could never be moulded thus reducing the part count in assemblies.
  • From Prototype to Production. Cost effective parts from a single part to thousands without any tooling or set up cost allowing continued development of design iteration throughout the life of the product.
  • Medical Grade material, biocompatible, sterilisable material in white. (USP-VI and ISO 10993-5 and -10)
  • Silicone materials which have TPE characteristics and biocompatibility. Now printed part with fantastic strength and impressive return values!
  • Materials with a heat deflection range of 104°C - 231°C.
Material Name Properties Colour Documents
CE221 High Temp and Stiff (231°). Glass Filled Nylon Like Orange Transluscent CE 221
EPX82 Functional and Tough and stiff - Industrial (104 - 120°) - Tested Chemical Resistance Black EPX 82 EPX Chemical compatibility
MPU100 Biocompatible and Sterylisabel and Good Mechanical Strength. Chemical Resistance White MPU 100 MPU 100 Biocompatibility
PR25 RP Material White PR 25
RPU70 Tough with moderate Heat Resistance (70°). ABS Like (Ul 96 HB Flame Resistance) Black RPU 70 RPU 70 Biocompatibility
UMA90 Easy to use single cure- proto and jigs. Similar to conventional SLA Black UMA 90 UMA Biocompatibility
EPU40_TDS 68 Shore A - High elasticity and Tear Strength - PU Black EPU 40 EPU 40 Biocompatibility
SIL30_TDS 35 Shore A - Biocompatible - Silicone Material Grey SIL 30 SIL 30 Biocompatibility

If you would like to find out more about our Carbon 3D services, call us on 01223 836837 or email