Samba II - Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) and Viral Load (VL) measurement

Prototype to Production

Tuesday 11th June 2019

Here at Complete Fabrication we produce prototypes on a daily basis from an overnight set of prints to a fully finished set of research models. But you may not realise that we also offer low volume manufacturing.

We have been developing and consulting for ‘Diagnostics for the Real Word’ (DRW) for a number of years both on prototyping and production and we have recently embarked on a further batch production of 100 ‘Turret’ productions.

DRW have developed signal amplification technologies to allow rapid and reliable tracking of infectious diseases. DRW is currently focused on providing rapid Early Infant Diagnosis (EID) as well as Viral Load (VL) measurement for those living with HIV, thereby enabling test-and-treat facility in even the most challenging and remote environments.

Multiple material turret component

The Turret is a multiple material component within the SAMBA II assembly and is at the centre of the chemistry. We developed an expanding epoxy foam with an epoxy skin material which would both house the CNC machined heater blocks and brass inserts as well as give the turret the temperature control between the separate zones of chemistry activity. Once we had the material and surface skin material we collaborated to design aluminium tool as well the production method, which we have continued to use through several production runs.

Aluminium tool

We fully documented our production method so that our technicians can be trained in the standard operating procedure (SOP) ensuring that every aspect of the build is consistent and will deliver high quality production parts that our client can rely on. Each turret is individually traceable and repeatable.

There are currently three low volume production jobs running at Complete Fabrication utilising a range of developed production techniques. We would be happy to discuss any project challenges you may have for production and prototyping, please give the team a call on 01223 836837.

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