Chrome effect paint sample

It almost looks like Magic!

Wednesday 21st August 2019

Here at Complete Fabrication we have been developing and perfecting our simulated chrome finish. It seems like magic but it’s really all about preparation and skill of application.

A highly polished metal finish provides a beautiful and cold touch point part for a touch of luxury on a product, but chrome components are not practical for prototyping when time and budget are tight, so we have developed an in house solution. Our chrome effect process allows us to create simulated metal finishes without the time or cost associated with metal plating but while still providing a very believable finish with great reflective qualities. The Complete Fabrication team are able to apply this finish to any surface which can be painted as part of a finished assembly or as a stand alone component.

As always we are continually moving processes forward to endeavour to deliver the best possible service to our clients, so we have also developed further finishes in this system of simulated chrome delivering a range golds and other metal tones. For those who developing products with a little less reflective sparkle we can achieve satin finishes as well.

Take a moment to watch a video of the process:


For more information or to see a sample make contact with the team here and find out how it may be used in your projects.

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