CNC machining

CNC machining

Unlike 3D printing when materials are added layer upon layer, CNC machining removes materials layer by layer. Starting with a block of material the cutter removes material following a series of data inputs to produce the required part. CNC machining is incredibly accurate; unrivalled in accuracy. With a wide spectrum of materials available this really is a great way forward to prototype challenging parts, where the material is vital to part longevity and true function.
CNC machining is used to produce components to high tolerances which may be used to test form, fit and function. The result is accurate, consistant and of high quality. The process can be used to create complex concept models or components. The CNC machine can be programmed to repeat the process, so multiple parts can be replicated to the same specifications.

The CNC process involves creating a computer programme to control the required cutter paths. The CNC machine then runs an automated process, removing material through multiple axes using computer controlled milling, turning and grinding.

We machine virtually any material to any tolerance that’s physically possible and we hold a range of ferrous and non-ferrous metals and engineering plastics in stock. We like to take on the tricky, small, one-off projects other machine shops may not want to tackle. Our CAD suite and experienced technicians enable us to work from 3D files supplied by you, or to build CNC programmes from sketches, notes and sketch models.

We have a range of machines, with a bed sizes up to X-750mm Y-400mm and Z-400mm and we can fit a fairly sizable part in for machining. Our range includes fourth axis machines that aid rapid part machining with reduced set ups. In our armoury is a 60,000 rpm spindle for sub-100 micron cutters. CNC mills alongside lathes and we have a CNC for most applications, alongside the talent of our engineers we can normally find a way to achieve the required part.

Applications include jigs and fixtures, Acrylic components for high speed camera work, as well as modification of existing parts to new developments states, to name a few. Our engineers love a challenge and we are here support those challenging parts in low volume.

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