The Best User Trial Prototypes

User research is a valuable and necessary process for most devices before manufacturing begins. Complete Fabrication has led the way in this prototype sector for many years, and our prototypes support world-class design consultancies. 

Our team has driven changes in the method and speed at which user trial prototypes are manufactured. As 3D print materials evolve, so do the opportunities and choices to become more efficient. We understand the needs of a user trial prototype and have adapted our technologies, methods and materials to achieve the best results across a broad spectrum of client needs in the user trial arena. 

Of course, the user trial model must always be resilient and reliable and meet the exacting demands of the trial process. However, we can adapt to meet the trials’ specific end goal. Such an example might be when the user interface is the most essential part of the trial (rather than any visual integrity). 

These fast production methods enable us to deliver cost-effective prototypes in days. Our extensive range of 3D print materials and technologies create production-ready characteristics, sharp and accurate feature capture, and fantastic surface finishes. These factors allow for the manufacture of smooth-running and robust functioning prototypes. Our range of coloured materials means we can create part differences within the assembly. The extensive selection of optional additional finishing services include graphic printing to deliver user direction; the prototypes can be elevated even further.

Our prototypes are resilient and accurate, and replicate the finished product. If you need additional control and assurance, we can wrap up the entire project in a ‘Standard Operating Procedure’ and issue a certificate of conformity. 

When you consider user trial prototypes, engage with the Complete Fabrication team and challenge us to find creative solutions and deliver the best user trial prototype for your needs.

A New Resin in the Range, AMX Black

In addition to offering the new colour in the SLA range, this material meets biocompatibility per ISO 10993-5 and UL94 HB flammability. 

We can now offer you production-ready black parts directly from our SLA machines. The parts have the excellent surface finish and detail capture that you have come to expect from our team and technology. 

For data sheets or more information on this material or on any other materials in the range or how they may be used in your project, please contact the team through the link below:

Getting on track with Complete Fabrication

It might not be Formula 1, but little buggies take quite a battering on the race track, and our in-house 3D Printing and CNC departments mean we can get them back into the race faster than ever.

In their spare time, several of our staff members race RC buggies. They’ve been prototyping and manufacturing components with us in the quest to gain a few seconds advantage. These components can range from 3D-printed gearboxes to test geometry to carbon-infused resin to create wishbones and other extra-strong components that can take a pounding over the jumps.

The versatility and range of processes that we cover in-house means that no matter the tweaks and changes needed to create an edge, we can create and further develop creative solutions.