Meridian Audio: Authentic sound and a bold design

Meridian Audio produces consumer audio and home theatre equipment, with loudspeakers in distinctive cabinets. The Huntington-based company approached us to manufacture a pair of prototype loudspeaker cabinets for a new product, called the 8K,  that didn’t fit into the standard speaker cabinets. Working closely with the company, we developed the method to manufacture.

Having successfully proven our ability to create and develop both the process and supplier network, we were honoured to be asked to look at manufacturing Meridian’s flagship cabinets.
Following the success of the 8k, we worked on the 7K cabinet, proving that our prototypes and low-volume production support world-class manufacturing companies.

Subsequently, we have manufactured hundreds of cabinets for Meridian over many years. Meridian products are sold by custom integrators and audio specialists in more than 80 countries worldwide. 

You might not expect to find an outstanding design and performance loudspeaker being manufactured in a prototype workshop – but our skills and knowledge made for a perfect fit.