How we work at Complete Fabrication


We rarely say it cant be done, even if its not been done before. We take real pride in pushing boundaries to research, develop and deliver solutions that inspire our customers, whatever the challenge.

We want the experience of collaborating with Complete Fabrication to be as easy as communicating with your own in-house team.

With open paths of communication between our clients, staff and departments, nothing gets lost in translation; ways of working together and communicating become embedded in our client’s team.

We actively encourage our clients to visit our site and meet the team who are working on their prototype. If this isn’t logistically possible, we can connect via webcam or a senior team member can visit your site. Either way, you’re able to see your project develop first hand.


We market our services by showing what we can make. And when you deal with us, you’ll be communicating with a fully-skilled prototype engineer every step of the way; a hands-on craftsman or woman, not an account executive. Every member of our team is adept in several disciplines, which means they understand the entire fabrication process, not just a limited part of it.


We do more than we’re expected to do. We achieve excellence by continually researching and revising the best way to run our business and challenging the status quo. We put materials, processes and machinery to the test. The result is that our prototypes get ever closer to real, production parts. Not to mention the fact that our team feel most at home in the world of perfection.


Our team take a collective responsibility for the output of the business. This explains why, at 9.45am every working day, every single one of us downs tools and gets together. We discuss the projects we completed the previous day and ask whether it left our offices right first time, in full and on time, and whether our customer was happy. We also review upcoming deliveries and project progress to ensure we’re on track to meet upcoming milestones.

Our daily meetings provides us with the opportunity to both celebrate success and learn from our mistakes.


We have created a workshop manual, allowing each member of our staff to access data sheets and notes on all the materials and adhesives we use. This manual contains years of production wisdom and best practice collated into one document that is continually updated as we research new materials and processes.

We’re sticklers to our KPIs and chart our progress every month. We measure whether our projects are completed in full and on time to our customers’ satisfaction. We monitor the accuracy of job cards and ensure that they are fit for purpose. Key departments, such as our CNC and 3D printing teams, have their own KPI system as does our key supply chain.

We believe this approach of continual improvement enables us to grow lasting relationships built upon reliability, with many of our client relationships spanning way beyond 10 years.