Cambridge Consultants: Visually attractive medial component

Global product development firm Cambridge Consultants developed the Piona auto-injector to painlessly deliver hormonal injections related to in vitro fertilisation (IVF) treatment. However, the product needed to resemble a beauty product, not a traditional medical component.

From the model-making point of view, the challenge was to create a display on the dock surface that would appear only when the light was turned on and disappear when the light was turned off, (secret until lit). Soft bands of colour-changing light were also included in the base. 

We worked with the client’s electronics team to develop the light effects using development rigs. 

In addition, a ceramic effect was required to add visual softness and a pleasant tactile experience for the user. We created a deep lacquer over the complex mask and paint finish. It was then lightly vapour honed to mute the tones and gain the ceramic finish. The last element was a soft sheen gold-plated ring to push the product visually into the beauty sector.  The client was so pleased with their design and our beautifully executed prototype that the product was on show in their reception for many months. Another example of being challenged to find creative solutions and teamwork getting results.